Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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What a world we live in. The saying ‘it is easier said than done’ is a very true saying. I can remember vividly how happy and joyous I was while my dad was still alive and also hale and hearty. I then felt everything was okay because there was peace and there were no signs of mornings in the family. This peace then inspired me while on a computer to write a post on my blog about those that were depressed due to one negative occurrence or the other which was titled  "MOTIVATION: JUST GET UP AND WIN”. During that post I highlighted some common negative occurrences that brought grave dejection and depression to the soul of people and these includes.

Death of a Loved One
Examination Failure
Career Failure
I have though experienced the second one (EXAMINATION FAILURE) at a point in my life, but I found it so easy to get over just because I was quite young and I learnt my mistakes so fast and also made my weaknesses my strengths.

Let me say fortunately for me I was privileged to have an experience of the first one (DEATH OF A LOVED ONE) because the good Lord doesn’t bring misfortune to his loved ones. It was my dad that passed on to glory. His demise happened just like a wind that blew pass. It happened just within few minutes with no departing sign. He breathed his last on his bed around 10:30pm (Nigerian Time) but efforts were made to revive him because we all found it so hard to believe that he can just pass on like that, but fortunately for us all, all our efforts were futile because God knows best and he has purposely taken him home for a reason that is unknown to us all.

Days after his demise I came across this post "MOTIVATION: JUST GET UP AND WIN" that I wrote exactly a week before his glorious exit. I went through this post again and smiled saying “IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE”. I remembered how happy I was while writing the post and compared it to how sad and depressed I am currently. I smiled once again and said even with more affirmation that ‘it is easier done than said’. Then, all sorts of thoughts and speeches of consolation that I had received during the period of his demise started running through my mind. I was happy as well as sad. I was happy because I had a very great assurance that he lived a glorious life and that we will surely meet at the master’s feet to part no more, but I was as well sad because he has created a great vacuum in my heart and also that he never lived long enough to eat the fruit of his labour. It was then that I reasoned with a popular Yoruba saying “e ni kan lo mo” (Meaning-It is only does that are directly affected that knows the weight of a loss) I then nodded again
saying in a confirmatory voice “IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE”.

Engr. Olusola Olugbemro Dokunmu

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  1. Hmmmm. beautiful write up you have there!..I truly agree with you. It is easier said than done