Thursday, February 13, 2014


Motivation | Just Get Up and Win

Where there is life there is hope. So why then do we human beings get so depressed and weary when a normal occurrence that happens to be a negative one happens to us?
We all don't want anything bad to befall us, but without this bad and negative things life can't be complete. Okay imagine the scenario where our fore fathers don't die. Imagine how much we will be? Imagine our uncomfortable this world will be? So why then do we make unnecessary prolonged lamentations when a beloved one dies? Why do we decide to put on sack cloths for a long time? When we are meant to just go on with our lives and enjoy the remaining part to its fullest.
This same thing happens to students that do fail exams. When you fail as a student you don't need to put that to mind and start thinking that you have gotten to the end of the road. No its not so. Our elders do say that there is no new thing in this world. Moreover, the great leaders and prominent people of our days and those of our fathers' once failed so why then do we then think that failure is terminable. Failure should be seen a very good thing because it makes you know your mistakes and also gives you the grace to amend your mistakes and come out bright.
Failure does not only exist among students, it also exists among all works of life it even exist in carriers and this tends to have a more detrimental effect on people than that of the exam failure. If you tend to fail in your carrier path you can always learn from that mistake you made that led to your failure and come out brighter when such a thing reoccurs, moreover, an adage says that "experience is the best teacher". So why not take that lesson you learnt the hard way and make it count in your life instead of sobbing and thinking about it and you know that too much thinking get you depressed.
So why not tie up your lace,
Wipe your face,
Get back to the race,
And get back to your rightful place.
For you are born to win and reign. So go out there, take the challenge, get back on your feet and go and WIN because you are born to do so.


  1. hmmmmm....its rily hit me hard...
    weldone...u've rily done a gud work here Tosin...more strength....wisdom...grace....u're gifted


    1. Thanks a bunch broo #GodBless


  2. hmmm Nice write up i really enjoyed it...pls keep feeding us wiv more

    1. Thanks for the compliment bro..I really appreciate it