Thursday, February 21, 2013

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My Little Experience Blogging

I started blogging sometime ago and found out that it was fun. My blogging was inspired mainly by a co-blogger +Prince Akinyemi Mujeeb who is a very close friend of mine and other people. At my early stages in blogging then, all I wanted was to make money and was therefore advised to come and try making my money online cause ''it is the easiest and most convenient way of making money in this jet age'' they said. I then decided to start my blogging on a fateful day after a lot of procrastination. My first experience on blogging was kind of awkward cause everything on the blogger looked so strange and weird that it got to an extent when I almost lost interest and was about leaving but my sub-conscious mind drew me back and my coming back to blogging was based soley because of the news I heard about people that are okay financially all in the name of blogging. After a while, I realised that this world is not always about making money and money alone although making money too is important. I then started finding blogging kind of easy cause it was fun to me and was even forgetting my money making motive I had from the onset. It was later on that I realised that you can be making money while making fun which was told to me by my advisers and which was true. The first problem I had was mainly setting up my blog it was kinda rigorous cause I found so difficult in setting it up. After a while I got it right thereafter my blogging started. Choosing a niche then started giving me problem cause I had a lot of things in my head that I wanted to share with the world like business ideas, sport, football to be specific, motivational, great and inspiring quotes and so many other things but I was told that blogging would require the blogger choosing a specific niche to venture in. I finally took the bull by the horn and then chose the sport niche with the belief and mind set that I had a lot on my head to post about it compared to other niche. Here am I today doing fine on the blogging world. I therefore urge everyone who has either just been introduced or just discovered blogging to keep up with it cause has as time goes on you would really enjoy it.

Dokunmu Oluwatosin;
tosenj; toyad


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