Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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The Stock Market | Qualities of a Good Stock Broker

There are numerous qualities that a good stock broker posses but these are the main qualities that qualifies one to be a good stock broker.
1. Consistency: A good stock broker must have a consistent trading history. He must have been in the business for quite a while and must have been known for his consistent skills.
2. Perfect Knowledge: A stock broker that is considered to be good must have the best knowledge of the stock market. He must be familiar with the trends of the market.
3. Advisory Skills: For stock broker to be considered as good, he must posses a great advisory skill. He must be ready to give out good and quality advises to his client during sales and purchases of stocks and shares.
4. Being Concerned: He should not just carry out a purchase or sale of shares requested by his clients but instead look deep into the shares, make a comprehensive research and advise the client before carrying out the transaction.
5. Punctuality: A good stock broker must be punctual in carrying out purchases and sales requested by his clients. A procrastinating stock broker is a bad stock broker because in this fabulous investment category, procrastinations should not be entertained at all because we all know how detrimental it can be when there is an increase or decrease in the price of a share. 


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