Thursday, March 20, 2014

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10 Ways to Ensure Safety at Home

Do you know that over 5,000 deaths and injuries are caused by home accidents yearly? Yet, the home is supposed to be a safe haven.
Most domestic accidents are results of carelessness, complacency and ignorance. We take so many things for granted and only get cautious when we hear of an accident that led to serious injuries and death. Here are some important safety tips to follow:
1. Keep all households products and medicines out of children's' reach.
2. Store medicines separately from household products.
3. Leave all original labels on all products and read the label before and after using.
4. Never give or take medicines in the dark
5. Keep medicines and household products in their original containers. Never transfer to a soft drink bottle or other containers.
6. Never refer to medicines as being "sweet" not minding how good it tastes.
7. Pour liquids on the side opposite the label so the moisture doesn't blur the writing on the label.
8. Avoid taking medicines in front of children as they tend to imitate adults.
9. Be most attentive at peak (busy) periods because that is when home accidents occurs among the children.
10. Stick to these ten important home safety tips 


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