Monday, March 24, 2014

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10 Ways to Avoid a Heart Disease

With doctors offices busier than ever, you are lucky if you get 30 minutes with one, which is why it’s not surprising that even when it comes to our vital organs, the advice we receive especially on heart disease issues can sound somewhat pedestrian. Advices like:
Exercise Regularly,
Watch your Diet,
Don’t Smoke and
Limit your Drinking.
These advices can sometimes sound somewhat quack but they are actually the best of advises.
Is there anything else you should be doing to protect your life and avoid fatal heart diseases? Yes there are numerous things but I’ve streamlined it to just 10 tips or techniques that can help you avoid all sort of heart attacks be it fatal or not. They include:

1.   Do not skip your breakfast. Study has shown that people who do take their breakfast regularly are less prone to heart diseases and heart attacks.
2.       Try to burn at least 50 calories a day doing some strenuous exercises like swimming or hiking or anything of similar activity this helps to burn unnecessary fat around the heart thereby reducing the occurrence of a heart attack.

3.       Meditate for at least 20 minutes a day excluding your normal spiritual meditation. This reduces a lot of mental stress and also helps in putting your blood pressure under control thereby helping you to avoid a heart attack.

4.       Drink a lot and variety of teas and also take water as much as you can but avoid taking excess of it. These liquid substances help prevent heart diseases.

5.       Avoid caffeinated drinks like Coffees, Coca Cola and Pepsi amongst others, they increase blood pressures and a high blood pressure can bring about a fatal heart attack.

6.       Take cereals daily; they contain folic acids that help prevent heart diseases

7.       Stop your sugar intake; swap sugar with honey

8.       Make friends at work. Healthy work relationships help a lot in the control of high blood pressure.

9.       Extramarital affairs increases your risk of a fatal heart attack so avid it.

10.Put these tips to use. Remember your life will benefit more when you have a few heart diseases.


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