Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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I have being seeing a trend of people with some questions on how to make money, how to make money fast, how to make money online and most especially ''How To Make Money'' over and over again I have therefore decided to write something on this. Here are some wonderful answers to your long time heart-aching questions on how to make money.
How to make money is one of the major issues being discussed in the global world. Everyone wants to make money fast even a small boy that is still yet to finish his secondary education was telling me about how he wants to make money.
How to make money needs'' some basic principle that are to be followed, and this basic principles were mostly strictly followed by most of the richest people in the world.
First and foremost, of all the principles this is considered as the most important of all. This principle deals about you as an individual having a goal that you would be aiming for and this must be backed up with great interest cause even in our day to day lives we set goals and get them so therefore if we can get those goals why wouldn't you be able get this money making goal cause it would even look more interesting to us compared to most of our daily life goals.
Secondly as individuals we all have our different interests and this would be the second principle that is to be followed. Therefore if you realize that you are always interested in doing this thing take to it and when the interest grows to some certain extent you would start using your initiative which would always tend to be creative and thereby leading you to innovation which is a fast and secure way of making money fast.
Thirdly, having discovered your interest you make research into that your interest and having made good research on your interest you venture into it cause you would have been informed about the lapses of the idea and therefore would be able to make adequate provision for these lapses. After this stage you would have completed like 70% out of your task on ''how to make money''.
Then all that comes to your mind at this level should be nothing but how to exploit people with these great job you have done thereby answering your question on ''How To Make Money''.
The fourth and final stage is to start making use of these ideas you have acquired fast before someone else gets hold of it. In the first few years when you introduce your idea to the world you would be a monopolist and therefore would be able to fix any desirable price for yourself before competitors come around and the arrival of this competitor means only one which is that your business idea is very lucrative.
You allowing the competitor now depends on some factors that you need to consider i.e. Either to send the competitor away by setting prices that would be difficult for him and convenient for you or to permit the competitor. All these depends on person individual ethics and code of conduct.
Note your business ideas must not be a new one but can be a prexisting one and also you can apply this principle to any type of business be it online or not. This principle applies to blogging, creating website, creation of goods and services, farming etc.


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