Monday, February 10, 2014

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Looking for a fast and profitable business in Nigeria? Searching for those amazing business Ideas in Nigeria? Running a business that seems not to be fast in making money or having a low profitability? Here are some wonderful answers to your long time heart-aching questions on sensible business ideas.
1. Turkey farming business- A Mini Turkey Farm
This is an agric bizness with a short turnaround period. You can start
this venture with a room, bq, uncompleted building or any vacant space.
The profit margin is very handsome. Turkeys mature within a few months and
they do not smell like other poultry animals. You can recoup your
investment within 6 months with a very high profit margin.
The key areas are: Feeding, Where to get supplies of young animals, pest
control, housing etc.
2. Custard Powder Production
Custard as we all know is a fast moving food product here in Nigeria.
Start up capital is low
3. Grasscutter farming
4. Meat Delivery/Supply Business. Food related and very profitable. I can
provide more info on this concept if necessary. You can supply meat to
eateries, hotels, restaurants and individuals. You can also bring in live
cows/goats from the North and sell.
5. Soap making. Soap is a fast moving consumer product and production
process is not too complex
6. Exercise Book production
7. You can set up a small bakery and expand in future. Nigerians love bread
8. You can import shoes and other fashion accessories. I know a guy that
imports male casual shoes from the Uk and he sells to wholesale buyers in
Lagos. The rate of return is very high, quick turnover is guaranteed and
the products sell fast because it meets one of the basic needs of man -
9. Transportation. the recent ban on commercial motorcycles in Lagos has
thrown up a huge business opportunity for smart investors who understand
the Lagos business environment.
10. Supply of corporate gift items.
11. Small scale Printing press.
12. Game lounge.
14. Production and marketing of Cosmetics and personal care products

You can also consider:
Table water and pure water business
Export of agric commodities such as ginger, garlic, coacoa or charcoal.
Production of Toilet roll/ Tissue paper/Serviette. I'm doing a feasibility
study on this business right now.


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